Allegro Packets Network Multimeter 3500/5500

Network Analyses and Troubleshooting

  • Explore your network in real-time
  • Keep track of your network
  • Detect errors and problems in just a few clicks

The 3500 / 5500 series of Allegro Network Multimeters are optimized for analysis, monitoring, verification, and troubleshooting of 1 GBit/s to 100 GBit/s network connections. The systems are designed for extremely high recording, analysis and storage rates and provide retroactive verification of up to 800,000 IP addresses and up to 256 million connections.

Allegro Network Multimeter appliances are ideal for use in large data centers, core networks, and ISP infrastructures. The Allegro 3500 / 5500 is equipped with a back-in-time function and enables precise selection of the recorded information.


  • For big data centers
  • Up to 5 extension slots: dual 100 G (QSFP28), dual 40 G (QSFP), dual 25 G (SFP28) dual / quad 10 G (SFP+), quad 1000BAse- (Cu), etc.
  • 50-100 GBit/s max. throughput
  • 96 GB  integrated database memory, expandable up to 1536 GB
  • Up to 360 TB integrated ring buffer
  • Up to 50.000 active IPs and 16 million retrospective connections at 96 GB
  • 4 U
  • 437 cm long x 178 mm high x 699 cm deep
  • Weighs 40-80 kg

Datasheet: Allegro Packets Multimeter 3500/55003500-5500

Use Cases


Examples of how to use the Allegro Network Multimeter

This use case demonstrates how a sales representative’s sudden problem with a WebEx session is solved

Analyses of Webex quality issues. 

Determining the IP address of a device

In heterogeneous networks, it is often difficult to determine the IP address of a terminal device. This video explains how the Allegro Network Multimeter helps you to find out the IPv4 or IPv6 address of a terminal device within seconds.

Device IP discovery


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