Nick Czeperko

Back in the late ’70s as a teenager I watched my father “tinker” with electronics and audio equipment. From this point onwards technology has always been an interest and a passion. This translated to owning and operating a distribution business over a period of 14 years, that offered the latest technical solutions to industry in the field of a machine to machine communications and networking.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see your solution being applied as it solves a technical problem. 

The market had changed considerably from the first 5 port Ethernet switch we sold to what is achievable today such as Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine learning, Cyber Security and Connected I/O. And there is more to come…

Built on close to 30 years of expertise in delivering network solutions to the Industrial Communication sector, I recognize that such rapid advancements in technology require knowledge gained over these years in how best to apply, support, implement by cultivating trust and loyalty with our customers. 

My vision for slaData is to offer, Tomorrow’s technology delivered today!