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Network Solutions

slaData is a fast, efficient distributor of solutions for network analyses and troubleshooting, to transfer your data fast, efficiently and reliably.

We supply and support platforms that facilitate data analytics while optimizing the speed, security, reliability, configuration and visibility of the network.

slaData is working with some of the leading manufacturers of end-to-end data management and communication solutions providers.


Data Management

The continual flow of data is an essential part of any business today to ensure business continuity. 
Network errors, unwelcomed intrusions, data hacks will bring any business to its knees. 
The best form of defense is being pro-active in detecting network errors, loss of data integrity quickly, in real-time. 
To be totally effective you need solutions offering far-reaching analyses across all the network layers. 

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Hardware Services

Industrial network reliability is essential to prevent productivity losses. Demanding environmental conditions such as heat, dust, high humidity can wreak havoc on traditional networking equipment. 
In these situations as a system engineer you need to reach for reliable, cost-effective solutions using fibre optics to convert signals from copper to fibre managing I/O and industrial protocol networks. 

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